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Surface Area & Pore Size Distribution

In 2020, the leading companies for particle characterization, RETSCH Technology, Microtrac and MicrotracBEL united and became one powerful brand: Microtrac MRB!
All three companies share a passion for making particle analysis more accurate, more effective and more convenient in order to exceed customers' expectations. Together, we at Microtrac MRB will continue to find superior solutions for every application and provide the best customer service!

Amino Acid Analyser

Sykam GmbH was founded 1984 by Klaus-Dieter Meier after leaving Biotronik.

The goal was to develop and produce liquid chromatography equipment,
starting with the development of HPLC pumps. In the following years the
product range was expanded to included autosamplers, detectors a classical
amino acid analyzer and ion chromatograph. In the year 2000 Sykam moved to
its own building which was expanded in 2013 to cope with the growing
business. Besides the liquid chromatography instruments, Sykam also offers a
whole range of OEM instruments and modules even for customers with low
quantities. In 2000 and 2006 Frank Meier and Dirk Meier joined the company
to make it a totally family-run business.

Sykam GmbH develops the whole range of products in house with a very big
production depth, from PCB assembly and soldering, mechanical machining to
the final assembly and testing.

Automatic specific surface area

Automatic specific surface area/pore size distribution measurement instrument BELSORP-miniX